Artist statement

I am a photographer and an artist who uses photography. Photography is a tricky art – a simple technology and a complex social phenomenon.

Utilitarian photographic imagery is often the starting point for my work. My photographs are usually made in the context of extensive and long-term projects. I get ideas from a wide range of contemporary and historical sources, and since I am focused on just one medium, I work against constraints of every other kind.

I am trying to “think” photography, but also to think through photography or use it as a critical tool, or to make sense in the ever challenging circumstances.

My work is concerned with: memory and historicizing; architecture and ecology; mechanisms of political and religious ideology; transitional state and social criticism; knowledge dispersion and consumerism; issues of identity, heritage and discontinuity; and the medium specificity of photography both as social practice and contemporary art.

Mihailo Vasiljevic 2014


Verzija na srpskom