Trans. [2008–2016]

“Trans.” is an abbreviation for the English word “translation”, but may also imply “transition”, “transit”, or a state of “trance”.

Behind this title stands a relatively large group of photographs taken during eight years of traveling across Serbia. Monuments, people, buildings, signs, labels, fields, cars, fences, building equipment, petrol stations, squares, streets, bridges, commercials, etc. were photographed with the intention of forming a possible image of contemporary Serbia. This cumulative picture is conceived as representative, but not beautified or pathetic – there are no extremes, easy metaphors, or cynicism. The goal was to reach a simple, but intense, recognition of the state of things.

The continuous, almost quarter of a century long political drama in Serbia has led to a meta-transitional social crisis, and, in the past years, created an atmosphere of surreal balance, an equilibrium in which everything, even formally, becomes devoid of sense. It is impossible to criticise or praise such circumstances in which the past and present blend into one; they can only be documented.  [MV]


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